SR-22 Insurance

Are you a Florida driver in need of assistance with the SR-22 Insurance form? Look no further than L.A. Insurance Inc.. Our agency has a lot of experience dealing with the many forms that are encompassed in creating a comprehensive auto insurance policy in your city. An SR22 form must be filed by the insurance company (L.A. Insurance Inc.) to the Department of Motor Vehicles and its purpose is to shows proof of financial responsibility by a particular individual. As soon as the form is filed and accepted by the DMV, your license suspension will be lifted and you will be able to drive again legally.

Most state law requires that you have the following amounts of liability coverage for a SR-22 rider:

Minimum $10,000 of Personal Injury Projection
Minimum $10,000 of Property Damage Liability
Minimum of $10,000 per person of Bodily Injury Liability
Minimum of $20,000 per accident of Bodily Injury Liability

Failure to file an SR-22 with the state can result in your driver’s license and/or license plate being suspended for up to 3 years! If your SR22 endorsed Auto Insurance Policy cancels, lapses or expires for any reason, L.A. Insurance Inc. is required by law to send an SR-26 Filing to the state DMV notifying them that you are once again no longer in compliance with the state’s Financial Responsibility laws. After an SR-26 filing the state can then suspend your driver’s license. Contact L.A. Insurance Inc. today for more information and help with filing SR-22 Insurance Forms!

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