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Your business started with an idea. Careful planning, hard work and determination turned your idea into a reality. Don’t leave any part of your business to chance.

Whether you own a building structure, equipment, inventory/stock, or furniture, you have commercial property. Who will cover the replacement of these in the event of a fire, theft, weather related loss, long term power outage? A catastrophic loss could close down your business temporarily or indefinitely. Loss of income coverage can be purchased as part of a property policy and will assist with the expenses while your business is closed as the result of a covered loss.

L.A. Insurance Inc. can help customize a commercial property insurance policy to your specifications, either as a standalone policy or as part of a package. Property insurance coverage may include:

Structure (building)
Lost inventory
Damage to property of others while in your control
Loss of income
And more…

Call L.A. Insurance Inc. at 239-369-6000 today and we will help you protect your investment. You can build a box but if you forget to apply a cover your contents are exposed and can be damaged or lost. Let us place the cover on your box.

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