Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

People who own their own house know the importance of obtaining home insurance. Just because your rent a single family residence, duplex, town house, loft, studio or apartment, doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance protection. Every day, homes and apartments are broken into; people experience fires or floods, or a guest get injured within your rental property. L.A. Insurance Inc. we can help you protect your individual rental property designed for your needs.

Doesn’t My Landlord’s Insurance policy Cover Me?

NO! Don’t think your building owners insurance coverage is going to cover your belongings. A landlords insurance plan covers only the physical structure of the rental house and common areas, not your personal effects.

Is Renters Insurance expensive in Florida?

NO! Renters insurance is affordable. Your renters insurance policy rate will depends on a number of things: where you live, your deductible, and if you’ll need any extra insurance coverage. A Lehigh Acres Florida renters insurance policy can help safeguard your personal property from fire damage, theft, and liability protection for your visitors and guests. Given the price of electronics, jewelry, clothing and more, investigations have shown most tenant owns $5,000 to $10,000 in personal possessions. (Actual values might vary throughout the U.S., and this is a rounded estimate of individual possessions of an average 2 -bedroom apartment.)

What does Renters Insurance Cover?

Personal Property Protection - Covering the loss or damage of the resident individual property more often than not on and, in the majority cases, off of your premises.

Liability Protection - Provides monetary money used for Attorneys and protection against judgments for covered actions.

Guest Medical Protection -commonly handles medical costs for visitors harmed at a residents residence

Reimbursed Living Expenses - Compensation for costs of provisional housing, should it’s required.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re not responsible for the things within your apartment; you do need Renters Insurance You are the only one who is responsible for protecting your assets. For more information on obtaining Renters Insurance contact, L.A. Insurance Inc. at 239-369-6000 or fill out our online form above for your FREE Renters Insurance Quote today.

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